file_copy() copies files.

link_copy() creates a new link pointing to the same location as the previous link.

dir_copy() copies the directory recursively at the new location.

file_copy(path, new_path, overwrite = FALSE)

dir_copy(path, new_path)

link_copy(path, new_path, overwrite = FALSE)



A character vector of one or more paths.


A character vector of paths to the new locations.


Overwrite files if they exist. If this is FALSE and the file exists an error will be thrown.


The new path (invisibly).


file_create("foo") file_copy("foo", "bar") try(file_copy("foo", "bar"))
#> Error : [EEXIST] Failed to copy 'foo' to 'bar': file already exists
file_copy("foo", "bar", overwrite = TRUE) file_delete(c("foo", "bar")) dir_create("foo") # Create a directory and put a few files in it files <- file_create(c("foo/bar", "foo/baz")) file_exists(files)
#> foo/bar foo/baz #> TRUE TRUE
# Copy the directory dir_copy("foo", "foo2") file_exists(path("foo2", path_file(files)))
#> foo2/bar foo2/baz #> TRUE TRUE
# Create a link to the directory link_create(path_abs("foo"), "loo") link_path("loo")
#> /tmp/Rtmp4eDchw/foo
link_copy("loo", "loo2") link_path("loo2")
#> /tmp/Rtmp4eDchw/foo
# Cleanup dir_delete(c("foo", "foo2")) link_delete(c("loo", "loo2"))